Thursday, September 21, 2006

TV Journal Assignment #2

In the second episode of Roswell, there was a new teacher, Kathleen Topolsky. Their new teacher asked many questions about Michael, and Liz discovered Kathleen Topolsky was doing research on Michael. Liz discovered that Michael lived in a dirty house and his adoptive father, Hank, was a bad man. Liz was very anxious and told about Kathleen Topolsky to Michael.

Liz and Maria were having many difficulties to keep the secret about aliens because Alex became curious. Furthermore, Maria was a little afraid of the three strange aliens.

Michael was listening to a story about another alien and he wanted to find him. So Michael went to the police officer and, with the help of Max and Isabel, he stole a strange key in the office of the sheriff Valenti. When Michael touched the key, he had a vision of a strange dome. To be continued…


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question for the exam

1- Why did Liz and Maria have difficulty to keep the secret about the alien?


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